Our Programs

Vision of Hope offers person-centered career planning and vocational training, job placement, and supported employment so that the individuals we serve can work in the community, earn competitive wages, and make a productive contribution to our society.

Our person-centered approach focuses on discovering each individual’s gifts, skills and capacities, personal interests and preferences. It is based on the values of human rights, independence, choice and social inclusion, and is designed to empower disabled individuals with real choice and control over their lives.

Vision of Hope also offers a twice-weekly day program (during the school year), monthly activity nights, and a one-week summer camp program.

Vocational Training

Vision of Hope offers placement services to individuals who are ready for competitive employment with or without the need for on-going job support. The placement takes into consideration the preferences of the individual, as well as the rate of pay, benefits offered, schedule, number of hours and opportunities for advancement.

Placement includes assistance with job applications, resume development, interview skills, and job coaching, as needed.

Once a job has been offered, we provide on-the-job training by a Vision of Hope job coach. The job coach works alongside the newly placed individual until they are fully oriented with regard to their new job duties and daily routine, at no cost to the employer.

As the business assumes supervision of the employee, the job coach fades from the site, but continues to provide support services, including retraining and conflict resolution, for as long as the individual maintains that job.

Vision of Hope offers the following employment placement programs:

I. Supported Employment – individual placement
This program places and trains individuals with disabilities in community employment.

II. Supported Employment – group placement
Group supported employment trains and places small groups of three to six individuals with disabilities together in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings in the community. This program enables individuals to work together to maximize efficiency, learn new skills, and share the companionship of co-workers. A Vision of Hope supervisor remains on the job with the group at all times.

Group placement provides opportunities for disabled individuals to interact with others in the community and to make the transition to individual placement, if appropriate.

Ambassadors of Hope

The Life STRIDES’ Ambassadors of Hope demonstrate a strong commitment to community service and social responsibility.  They strive to be role models to others by facilitating random acts of kindness and volunteer work within their community.  Ambassadors of Hope currently offer a line of support to nearby nursing home residents at Victorian Manor, where they fellowship and engage in activities together.