Vision of Hope Programs


For many years it has been our vision to have a continuing education program helping young adults make the transition from high school to adulthood. In January 2016, Vision of Hope launched it’s first term of Life STRIDES Day Program.

This is a comprehensive and interactive opportunity to build and reinforce reading, writing, math, pre-vocational and life skills. We provide practical, flexible and engaging support to enhance the quality of life and employability of adults with developmental disabilities. Community-based guest speakers and hands-on learning enhance the educational experience.
Some curriculum examples include:  Science, Math, Weather, Life Skills (cooking, laundry, etc.) Social Skills, Computer Classes, Music and Pre-Vocation Skills.

Life  Steps  Toward  Reaching  Independence (for)  Daily  Excellence (and)  Self-worth

About Us

Vision of Hope is a non-profit, Christian-based organization where young adults with developmental disabilities learn life skills, receive vocational training, job placement assistance, and other services and support they need to fully develop their potential.

Our comprehensive approach builds a bridge between secondary education and valued, responsible, productive futures.

Vision of Hope strives to provide an environment where young adults with disabilities will be encouraged to reach their full potential, enjoy a sense of fulfillment and independence, and live full lives. We will achieve this by focusing on their individual strengths, skills, interests, and preferences.

Take a look at our brochure for more information about our organization!

2014 Vision of Hope Golf Tournament